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Brand Concept



Warmth & Charm


Resort in Chiang Rai

Elegance :

“Elegance is simply always memorable.”

Bold, sophisticated structural elements are at the heart of The Riverie. Reminiscent of the Golden Triangle, the main structure is both striking and unique, pointing elegantly toward the flowing Kok River.

Resort in Chiang Rai

Classic-Contemporary :

“Honor the past; embrace the future.”

The Riverie seamlessly blends the quintessential with the modern, creating the perfect marriage of classical culture and contemporary living.

Resort in Chiang Rai

Warmth & Charm :

“Genial ambiance meets charming hospitality”

Warm colors and delightful details are woven throughout the property to create a genial ambiance that matches the thoughtful and charming hospitality.

Resort in Chiang Rai

Quality :

“Intentional excellence is our quality standard.”

At the core of Katathani Collection is a dedication to the pursuit of quality in every facet-- from the first warm welcome to the unforgettable accommodations and facilities to the perfect meal perfectly served, only excellence will suffice.