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The Riverie by Katathani Hotel Muang Chiang Rai
The Riverie by Katathani Hotel Muang Chiang Rai



The organization recognizes that procurement is a management process that plays an important role in the management. Restoration and preservation of natural resources, environment, traditions, arts and culture and traditional way of life of the community.

To achieve the results of sustainable tourism management based on the principle. "By the Community for Sustainable Tourism Communities", Katathani collection of resort has set a policy of environmentally-friendly and sustainable purchasing / outsourcing as follows.

1. It reserves the right to hire more than 20% of local service providers to create jobs and bring community livelihoods together.

2. Promote contractors, subcontractors who are local personnel to create and develop careers.

3. Support local seasonal products, services and raw materials to diversify income and reduce global warming.

4. Take into account quality, safety standards, reusable, recyclable, energy saving, global warming and eco-friendly.

5. Buy alternatives that avoid the impact on the environment, sustainability, and reduce global warming.

6. Procurement & Employment that promotes the preservation of traditions, arts, and local identity.