Chiang Rai_s Fishing Destinations for the Adventure Enthusiast

Chiang Rai_s Fishing Destinations for the Adventure Enthusiast

Fishing is a human activity that has deep roots in the survival of the human race. Since then, it has not only become easier to catch more with less effort, but fishing is now also a sport and a recreational pastime. When you are considering going on vacation that is in touch with the environment, it may be a good move to plan a fishing trip or experience to your itinerary. When booking your trip to Thailand, try out the amenities and services of The Riverie by Katathani in Chiang Rai for a one-of-a-kind experience of the outdoors and sports fishing facilities nearby:

The Kieng Doi Fishing Park

Kieng Doi Fishing Park is family owned and operated, and is situated very near the town center of the province. This park offers very good fishing rod rates and prices for fishing, as well as a wide range of fish species that can be caught in the river. From small fish to larger ones, the Kieng Doi Fishing Park is sure to be an amazing experience for you and your family if you want to go fishing around the lakes of Chiang Rai.

Kwan Phayao Lake

The Kwan Phayao lake was artificially created in the late 1930s to improve irrigation in nearby agricultural areas. At over 2 square kilometers in length, it is a popular leisure location for locals. The main lake is surrounded by rice paddies and marshes, which are fed by the Ing and Tam rivers that flow into the Mekong River. This river, despite being manmade, boasts a healthy population for wildlife and aquatic plants. With 22 species of fish and 47 species of birds, you will not only be able to catch something unique, but also sightsee some of Thailand’s finest avian species.

Mae Peum Lake

The lake of Mae Peum is of similar purpose to Kwan Phayao, wherein both serve agricultural purposes. The river hosts a large population of snake-heads, as well as a healthy population of Mekong Catfish as the dominant species of the habitat. Mae Peum lake is bordered by a national park that covers an area of around 350 square kilometers over both Chiang Rai and Phayao provinces. The lake also hosts a large dam called Mae Suai Dam, which is used mainly for irrigation around two mountain ranges which are home to tribal villages. It is also an amazing place to fish, as it boasts amazing scenery.

Do Not Forget to Pack the Correct Gear

When going on a fishing trip, it is best to bring a good backpack, a reusable drinking bottle, waterproof bags, and of course, a camera. A good backpack makes it easy to store your belongings and necessities while out in the wild, and coupled with waterproof bags, these will allow your important electronics and personal belongings to stay dry. Bring a reusable drinking bottle to refill with water and stick away from energy drinks or sodas, as these will dehydrate you throughout the day. Your camera will be your best friend, as the scenery and moments you will have along the trip will be incredible, so you do not want to miss out on anything.


Fishing trips are an amazing bonding experience for families, and even for solo journeys looking for a new adventure. When you are immersed in the local culture and environment, your trip to a new place becomes more memorable and meaningful, which is why you will want to craft an itinerary towards it. We’re a riverview hotel in Chiang Rai that offers a one-of-a-kind lodging experience. Situated along the Kok River, we offer wonderful amenities and a peaceful and serene environment. Make your next travel destination special by booking it with us!