4 Tips to Help You Prepare For a Visit to Chiang Rai

4 Tips to Help You Prepare For a Visit to Chiang Rai

Sometimes referred to as the Art Capital of Thailand, Chiang Rai is the birthplace to many of Thailand's famous artists. Of course, keep in mind that there are plenty of other reasons to visit this beautiful place. From its fascinating cultures to its picturesque vistas, travelers from around the world come to Chiang Rai to enjoy different beautiful experiences that this city has to offer.

If you've never been to Chiang Rai before, there are a few matters to keep a note to ensure that you have a wonderful time at your destination.

Here are four tips to better prepare yourself for a visit to Chiang Rai:

1. Opt for a budget airline

Of all the ways you can get to Chiang Rai, the most recommendable way is to travel by plane. Not only is it relatively cheap (opt for AirAsia, which is a budget airline), but it'll save you on traveling time. The total travel time by plane is around an hour and a half (from Don Mueang Airport to Chiang Rai Airport), and while the commodities in the flight are basic, it is sufficient for the short trip.

If you need more legroom for any reason, know that you will have to pay a little more to book "hot seats" on AirAsia's plane. Upon arrival, the fastest way to get to your accommodation is by taxi.

2. Purchase a sim

If you're looking for an excellent courier for an Internet connection throughout Thailand, you can opt for DTAC. These sim cards will be sold in both airports, and they also offer plans that include a set amount of day. Look for one that covers your vacation length so that you won't be wasting any extra money on lengthy sim cards or having to deal with an expired sim card before your vacation is even over.

3. Download the Grab app

While Chiang Rai doesn't utilize Uber, know that they do use Grab, which is a very similar service, and they're the best way for you to get around the city. Other forms of travel also include the famous tuk-tuks (three-wheeled vehicles).

If you are deciding to take your travels by foot here, though, it wouldn't be highly recommended that you do so. Unless you have all the world's time in your hand, keep in mind that the attractions aren't within walking distance of each other.

With that said, make sure that you download the Grab application ahead of time to ensure that you're ready once your feet touch Chiang Rai's grounds.

4. Grab some Thai Baht

If you've brought some foreign currency with you, you can head to any of the money exchangers in the airport. You can also opt to use the ATMs there, as they would more than likely accept any card you're using. If you do leave the airport and completely forget to withdraw any cash, don't fret. You can find plenty of ATMs around the city where you can withdraw money from.

While the tips we've given you may be irrelevant to seasoned travelers, they are nevertheless vital tips to ensure that your trip starts on the right foot. We highly recommend that you visit Chiang Rai during the winter season. Not only are there plenty of festivals, parties, and events going on at that time, but the weather will be pleasant for your travels.

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