3 Attractions That Make Chiang Rai a Must-Visit Destination

4 Best Yoga Poses to Practice in Chiang Rai

One of the largest cities in the northernmost hemisphere of Thailand, Chiang Rai, is a place of beauty with a rich, artistic heritage. It’s a stunning, sleepy mountain town filled with jaw-dropping sites - from notable temples, galleries, and more. While it’s well-coveted for being the “Art Capital” of Thailand, what makes it a traveler’s paradise is its endless options of relaxation - from meditation, wellness spa, and yoga retreats in between the verdant hills and quaint towns. Speaking of which, practicing yoga before or after exploring all that Chiang Rai has to offer has quickly become a favorite past-time. With that in mind, the list below explores some of the best yoga poses to practice in Chiang Rai for beginners:

Sun Salutations in Chiang Rai

The perfect yoga practice for mornings or during sunsets is in Chiang Rai. It’s a series of postures that aims to strengthen, warm, and align your body, making it the great either for unwinding or as a pick-me-up. Beginners can achieve the perfect sun salutation by doing the following sequence of poses:

● Mountain Pose

The mountain pose is the most straightforward yet fundamental base for all standing poses. It’s an excellent position to start with as a beginner as it encourages you to ground yourself and feel the earth beneath you. It’s a straightforward pose, but the best way to feel deeply connected with the ground is to add pressure to all ten toes as you spread them open. Keep your palms facing towards your body as you stand tall. Breathe deeply and hold between five to eight breaths to feel your body relax. Doing this pose in a mountainous scenery in Chang Rai can enhance the experience.

● Upward Salute

After the mountain pose, stand straight and inhale deeply before steadily sweeping your arms to the side and overhead. Carefully arch your back and gaze toward the clear blue skies of Chiang Rai.

● Standing Forward Fold

Moving forward, exhale as you bend forward from the hips. You can bend your knees if you need to as you bring your nose to your knees with your hands resting beside your feet.

● Half Standing Forward Fold

Lift your torso halfway and inhale deeply as you do so. This will help lengthen your spine forward while your back remains flat. Your chest should be parallel to the floor, with your fingertips resting on the surface before bringing them up to your shins. Doing these simple poses can help remove any strain from your body and prepare you for the long day as you explore Chiang Rai. Of course, taking yoga retreats allows you to take on more yoga poses safely.

The Bottom Line

Beyond exploring galleries and visiting picturesque temples, Chiang Rai is also an up-and-coming wellness destination that offers a luxurious and deeply relaxing escape for travelers. After making the most of the breathtaking sights and culture in Chiang Rai, treat yourself to an accommodation that will have your best interest. If you’re looking for a place to stay that offers yoga classes to boost your relaxing vacation, we’re your best option! We’re a hotel in Chiang Rai, let us be your host for your next holiday.